William B. Luther became an apprentice Naval Architect at the age of 16.  Since that time he has designed, built or sailed everything from 8 ½ foot dinghies to 90,000 tonners, two man submarines to classic schooners.

As an apprentice he swept the floor, maintained the office dinghy and learned to design boats.  A couple of years later he was invited to join the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club, compliments of the U.S. Navy.  A Quartermaster, he spent 2 years navigating a guided missile cruiser around the Pacific and off North Viet Nam.

Resuming his civilian career, working as an yacht designer, Bill held positions such as Design Supervisor at Columbia Yachts, Vice President of Engineering at Pacific Seacraft, project engineer for Bill Crealock and Chief of engineering at Navigator yachts.  In addition to yachts Bill also designed offshore oil vessels, submarines, subsea systems and special Navy projects.

Taking a break from designing in 1987, Bill taught at the prestigious Yacht Design Institute at the Maine Maritime Academy for the '87/'88 school year.  Returning to California, he created and taught for 7 years, the Yacht Design Program at the Orange Coast College Sailing Center in Newport Beach.

As a card carrying Shell Back and a member of the Order of the Golden Dragon Bill brings his years of experience at sea to every vessel he designs.

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