Bill Luther worked as a yacht designer with Bill Crealock for almost 20 years giving him insight into Crealock’s thinking, philosophy and methodologies second to none.  He worked closely with Bill on such designs as the Cabo Rico 32 and 45, the Pacific Seacraft line including the 40 and 44.  While with Crealock he was also deeply involved in creating the Offshore Yachts line of luxury motor yachts.  He is proud of the fact Bill Crealock and his wife chose him to archive and maintain Crealock’s extensive drawing files.  Bill has assumed service to all of Crealock’s existing clients.  As time permits the drawing collection will be organized and cataloged with non-proprietary designs available to the public at a reasonable cost.

As Bill worked with Crealock he absorbed his style, techniques and philosophy; as a result he is well prepared to provide designs in the Crealock tradition for clients who desire a vessel with the characteristics Bill Crealock's designs were so famous for.

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