William Crealock
In 1988 Bill began his successful, 20 year association with Bill Crealock.  Crealock provided the hull forms and project guidance with Luther providing the structure, systems, interiors and styling. Typical projects included the Crealock 40 and 44, the Cabo Rico 45 and the Offshore Yachts line of motor yachts.  Probably their greatest achievement was the design twin, 90 foot brigantines for the Los Angles Maritime Institute.

Pacific Seacraft
Vice President of engineering at Pacific Seacraft, Bill oversaw placing the Mariah 31, Flicka 20 and Orion 27 into production in less than 2 years.  Following their introductions he turned his attention to the already famous Crealock 37 by designing a new interior that set new standards for comfort and ease of use.

Downeaster 45
 As chief engineer at Down East Yachts Bill was given the daunting task of placing the Downeaster 45 into production in 90 days from tooling to boat show.  It wasn’t easy but he delivered the new yacht on time and in Bristol fashion.  One of the few production boats boasting a schooner rig, Bill made sure it was not only traditional but efficient as well.


Catalina 25
As resident designer at Catalina Yachts Bill was responsible for placing the new Catalina 25 into production.  Using innovative techniques he provided an interior of a larger boat in a small package.  In addition he designed new hardware for the mast and rigging making them strong and efficient.

Columbia Payne 9.6
A revolutionary design for Columbia by Alan Payne, Bill was Design Supervisor for the project.  The 9.6 featured a new unitized wood interior engineered by Bill.  Typical of such projects Bill provided the design and guidance for the interior arrangement, final deck hardware arrangement and the spars and rigging.



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